King Of Comfort Testimonials

At King of Comfort, our Customers ARE our Business! We work hard to earn and keep your trust through a lifetime relationship of caring for your heating and cooling comfort.

We invite you to read what our customers have to say about the people, comfort, and service provided by King of Comfort. You can also view a video of customer comments.

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"I'm very impressed by King of Comfort Heating & Cooling. I do not like to let just anybody come into my home, even to do things like repairs and improvements. King of Comfort guarantees that their technicians will be good people. To me, that means that they will be trustworthy, clean, and respectful of my home and my privacy. Based on my experience, King of Comfort is all of the above!"

Ms. P.B.


"The heating and cooling system that the builder installed made our new home dry and stale. We called King of Comfort Heating & Cooling, and their technician came out and presented us with a solution. They installed a whole-house humidifier, electronic air cleaner, and UV air purifying lamps onto our existing system. Now the air quality in our home has significantly improved, and I can see the difference in my family's comfort and in my antique wood furnishings as well."

Mrs. D. Q.-H.


"My wife and I are retired. We woke up one day this winter and knew right away that the heat had gone out. I called King of Comfort early in the morning. Within a few hours of my call, their technician had our furnace working properly, just like they guarantee! It gives me peace of mind to know that King of Comfort is there when we need them with good technicians and excellent service."

Mr. and Mrs. T.