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Water Heaters

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Indianapolis Water Heater Installations

Water heaters are some of the unsung heroes of modern living. It wasn’t until the last century that daily baths and showers became commonplace — and that’s largely due to the difficulty of heating water in pre-industrial times.

After all, having to chop firewood in order to make a fire over which you have to suspend a large iron kettle is considerably more work than simply turning a faucet.

Thanks to modern innovation and professionals like the ones here at King Of Comfort Heating & Cooling, most of us have access to modern water heating technology. Unless something goes wrong, hot water is just an expected standard of day-to-day life.

While many of us are only familiar with your standard, gas-powered tanked water heater, the industry has come a long way in the last several decades and there are several options on the market that allow our clients to have access to a versatile range of water heating options.

So if you’re looking for the best water heater installation in Indianapolis, King Of Comfort is here to provide a standard of service that was once reserved for royalty.

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Dependable Water Heaters In Indianapolis

As we mentioned above, water heating technology has progressed in the last several decades and it’s worth considering your specific needs when considering the best water heater for your space. Here’s a brief rundown of two of the most common water heater systems we service.

Conventional, Gas-Powered Tank Heaters

The most common type of hot water heater in use for the last several decades, traditional tank units provide access to a limited amount of hot water that is constantly stored and heated in a reservoir tank. These units are time-tested, reliable and easy to service and repair.

If properly maintained and flushed once a year as recommended, you can expect a lifespan of 10-15 years from most traditional tanked water heaters.

Electric Tanked Water Heaters

Similar to traditional tanked heaters except entirely powered by electricity, traditional electric water heaters use a series of electric elements to heat a reservoir of water. While not as efficient as a heat pump heater, they’re less complicated and require less maintenance, providing an affordable alternative when gas isn’t an option.

Our team of home service technicians can repair, maintain and install both gas and electric water heaters. No matter if your system needs a flush, has sprung a leak or it’s time for a replacement – King Of Comfort does it all!

Signs You Need Water Heater Installation

Investing in a water heater is a serious decision. How can you be sure it’s time to call on our team? Here are some common signs it’s time to schedule water heater installation:

  • Your water heater makes odd or loud noises
  • You have inadequate hot water
  • Your water temperature fluctuates
  • Your water is a rust, gray or cloudy color
  • Your water tastes strange

If any of these signs are happening in your home, reach out to our team. We can inspect your water heater and provide the repairs you need. Our technicians can even walk you through the replacement process if it’s time for a new unit.

Water Heating Fit For Royalty, With King Of Comfort

Regardless of your situation, we’re here with the drive and skills needed to provide a truly exceptional standard of service. From installing the first water heater in your new home to trying to find the best water heater replacement company around to looking for the highest quality Indianapolis water heater repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t hesitate! Call us today! We’re here around the clock to provide exceptional levels of service for your tanked water heater needs.

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