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Furnace Maintenance

Don't be left out in the cold. Give your heater some TLC.

Seasonal Heating Tune-Ups

Professional Heater Maintenance Indianapolis Can Trust

As the temperatures change with the seasons, so does our need for a furnace. By the time winter rolls around, we can expect to see our days filled with freezing temperatures, making access to a functioning heating system all the more urgent.

At King Of Comfort Heating & Cooling, we know that Indianapolis winters are no joke. That’s why we never kid about our services. You can count on our team to provide the thorough care and professional maintenance your heating system deserves. All you have to do is schedule a seasonal furnace tune-up.

HVAC Technician reading his gauge while repair a unit.

What Happens During A Tune-Up?

Tune-ups are an important part of maintaining the quality of your heating system. That’s because, during this service, a professional technician will inspect your system for existing problems and take preventative measures to help your system avoid additional issues.

Here are just a few of the many services you can expect your technician to provide during a tune-up:

  • Clean burner
  • Adjust thermostat
  • Check pilot lights
  • Inspect wires
  • Tighten loose parts

In addition to these tasks, your technician will also be there to answer any questions you may have about your heater. Understanding the state of your system is important, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions!

Does Seasonal Furnace Maintenance Really Make A Difference?

At King Of Comfort, our team advocates strongly for taking proper care of your heating system, and part of this means scheduling furnace tune-up services.

During maintenance, a technician will be able to spot problems and damage that untrained eyes wouldn’t notice. They can also provide preventative measures that will keep your system protected down the road. This can make a big difference for the safety of you and your family, especially in places like Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers and other surrounding areas, where winter weather brings temperatures below freezing.

These temperatures can be dangerous without a working heater, so it’s best to have an expert look at your system to ensure it’s not at risk for a breakdown.

When To Schedule Indianapolis Heating Maintenance

Tune-ups are also referred to as preventative maintenance, meaning that they are designed to prevent bigger issues. Because of this, the best time to schedule your Indianapolis heating maintenance is in the fall.

This gives you the opportunity to address any problems before putting your system into heavy use for the winter. It’s important to take advantage of this opportunity as even minor damage can make for major problems when under the stress of constant use.

Experience The Benefits Of Furnace Tune-Ups

Scheduling maintenance will come with major benefits for your home’s heater, but that’s not the only thing it will affect. Seasonal tune-ups also bring a variety of benefits for you personally.

Save Time

When you’re left with a heater that won’t heat, you’ll need to take the time out of your day to schedule a professional heater repair. Then, after the appointment is scheduled, you’ll have to make yourself available to be there during the service.

This can create a major inconvenience, which is one of the many reasons homeowners should be sure to schedule their annual tune-ups. Maintenance will allow you to schedule an appointment on your own time and prevent the need for emergency services.

Save Money

When it comes to repairing your system, it’s not just time that you have to give up. It’s money too. Some repairs can be quite costly depending on the extent of the damage and where it is.

It’s also possible to have damage so bad that a new system may be necessary. A furnace installation is another big cost, so instead of dealing with this inconvenience, turn to King Of Comfort for a tune-up.

Save Stress

Being left without access to a heating system during the freezing winter is a big problem that can cause a lot of stress. Our team wants to protect you from this stress by providing preventative maintenance that you can rely on!

Contact King Of Comfort For Services That Rule

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients stay safe and comfortable in their homes. That’s why we’ve spent the last two decades providing high-quality care to meet the heating and cooling needs of our community.

When you need help with your furnace, the team at King Of Comfort Heating & Cooling will know just what to do. Whether you need maintenance, repairs or a new system installation, we’re dedicated to helping you stay warm this winter. Give us a call to schedule your service!

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