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Indianapolis Heater Repair

It’s often taken for granted just how much manual labor was involved in the simple act of staying warm during the winter before modern heating. Thanks to central heating, we’re no longer required to spend hours of the day chopping firewood just to stay warm through the night.

Furnaces are utilized as the primary heating source for over half of the homes in the United States. This means that quality furnace repair services are at a premium. Fortunately, the professionals here at King Of Comfort Heating & Cooling are determined to provide our communities with the best Indianapolis heating services possible.

We’re committed to a standard of service that’s second to none and are willing to back our work with guarantees that cover everything we do in an ironclad curtain of security. From our free estimates and guarantees on all parts and labor to our commitment to providing 24/7 emergency furnace repairs. The professionals at King Of Comfort are good people who provide better comfort, through the best service possible.

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Most Common Heating Repair Services 

With over 20 years of experience under our belts, there isn’t much we haven’t seen regarding what can go wrong with a furnace. To give our clients a small window into what the most likely culprits of heating issues are, here are the most common heating repair services our technicians find themselves providing for our clients.

Faulty Thermostats

Oftentimes, the furnace issues we’re called out to solve aren’t caused by the furnace at all. Acting as the link between you and your entire HVAC system, a simple connection issue with your thermostat can present itself as a far greater problem, potentially disrupting your entire system’s ability to function at all.

Luckily, thermostat issues are usually easy to solve and only require a simple replacement.

If you’re having to replace a thermostat anyway, now is the best time to ask one of our technicians about a smart thermostat upgrade! Smart thermostats expand the functionality of traditional units and have the potential to pay for themselves in energy savings.

Dirty Air Filters

A furnace requires a good amount of airflow to function properly. The lower the airflow in a system is, the harder the system will have to work – making overheating a likely outcome.

We recommend that you change your filters at least every three months as part of your regular furnace maintenance. Doing so should ensure adequate airflow and proper function throughout the year.

Ignition Or Gas Issues

Most furnaces utilize natural gas as a fuel source for a flame that provides a source of heat. The gas flow is regulated and controlled by a series of pilot lights and ignition components that need to be functioning properly for the system to operate safely.

Most of the danger associated with furnaces comes with issues related to gas and ignition. It’s vital that you have these components inspected as part of your annual tune-up and that you have gas detectors installed anywhere a furnace is in use.

Blower Motor Problems

The blower motor is the engine that forces air throughout your entire system. Without this source of circulated air, even the hottest furnace will be turned into little more than a radiator heater.

Heat Exchanger Damage 

Cracked heat exchangers are luckily rare. However, when they do happen, it can be one of the most serious issues you can experience with a furnace. A cracked exchanger can allow carbon monoxide, a potentially deadly, odorless, colorless gas, into your home. If you suspect your heat exchanger may be cracked, you should seek out quality heater repair services immediately.

Furnace Repair With Precision & Care

At King Of Comfort Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. When it comes to your heating problems, we guarantee that our professionals have everything required to provide the best furnace services you’ve ever received.

Don’t think that our expertise stops at the heater, if you need any type of service related to your home’s HVAC system, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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