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What Are Common Furnace Failures?

Reasons For A Furnace Not Working

When it comes to ensuring comfort at home, your furnace is your powerhouse. It helps keep your house pleasant and livable no matter the season, and this can lead some homeowners to forget how important it is. Once your heater runs into a problem, it’ll be difficult to ignore. This is especially true if repairs are desperately needed.

So, how do you diagnose a furnace problem? It can be tricky, especially without the help of a trusted HVAC specialist. Luckily, King Of Comfort is here to make sure you know what to expect when your heater stops working as expected.

The System Produces No Heat

The easiest problem to detect for a heater not working is a lack of heat. No one wants that, especially in the chilly months! While alarming, the problem might be an easy fix. Here are some possible reasons your system isn’t producing heat:

  • Your thermostat isn’t turned on or is on the wrong setting.
  • Your system’s air filter is clogged with debris.
  • The pilot light is out.

Keep in mind that system models are diverse. Contact an HVAC professional to determine the source of the problem. If there’s a need for furnace repairs, you want it solved quickly and safely!

Your Heater Turns On And Off

Though perhaps not quite as bothersome as a fully defunct heater, having your heat turn on and off is a close second! Your system is designed to fluctuate temperatures. Even so, constantly switching on and off and failing to reach the set temperature is a problem.

Restricted airflow is the most common culprit for this issue. Changing the air filter might be all it takes to solve it, but that isn’t always the case. If the problem persists, seek out our professionals to inspect it.

You Have A Noisy Furnace

It’s natural for your heating system to make some amount of noise. However, not all sounds are normal, and an irregular sound could indicate a serious problem. Here are some sounds that you should pay special attention to, especially if you’re already experiencing heater troubles:

  • A rattling or knocking noise might mean a part of your unit has come loose and is in need of adjustment.
  • A shrieking noise can be caused by a worn blower belt.
  • A grinding sound might indicate worn ball bearings.
  • A rumbling noise could mean something is wrong with the burner.

If you notice noise from your furnace, it’s best to turn off the unit immediately and call a professional. This is a safer option that protects your home and your system.

The Furnace Is Leaking Water

Heaters, especially high-efficiency units, can often suffer from water leakage. Many different issues can cause your system to leak water, such as cracked pipes or malfunctioning equipment. Your best bet is to call an HVAC expert to assess the situation.

There’s A Lack Of Heater Upkeep

A remarkable amount of furnace problems can be caused by not cleaning enough! Your air filters, for instance, can fail to operate without regular replacement. The burners can be affected by debris as well, evidenced by a non-blue flame.

While many different issues can trouble your system, you can prevent a great deal of them with the proper cleaning and attention.

Call Your Local HVAC Specialists For Furnace Repair

Heater repairs or replacement can be a worrisome subject, but King Of Comfort strives to treat our customers like royalty! Even if your system ends up failing you, we certainly won’t, which is how we’ve managed to help countless households here in Indianapolis.

Whether you’re looking for HVAC repairs, a replacement or regular maintenance, turn to King Of Comfort for assistance!

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